Shingles Replacement and Plumbing/Ventilation Maintenance in Edmonton AB, July to August 2011

Below you will find a series of quotations and field reports from our Edmonton roofing repair crew. Our existing client approved our consultation for a full shingle replacement, system maintenance, and waterproofing. Quotation Request Received, July 28 2011: The client asked me to assess all five buildings in the condominium complex and give my recommendations for  each one. There are three 6-unit buildings and two 4-unit buildings. There is also a garage in the rear of the properties. I have attached the dimensions for each building.
Condo unit dimensions, plus garage
Dimensions for the condominium units and garage.
Note as well that there are 4' x 5' flat galvanized metal roofs above each entrance, but they do not require any attention at this time. Repair Assessment FIRST SET The units are past due for a re-roofing. The shingles on the bottom have not been functional for quite some time which has resulted in the roof deck rotting in some areas. The extent of the damage caused by the rot will not be known until we strip the shingles off. The flashing has also become loose, lifting up high enough away from the roofing that rain could easily blow in and damage the interior. I recommend a roof replacement as soon as possible.
Condo side-view
Condo front-view
Weathered shingles
Shingle assessment
Flat portion assessment
Cracked shingling
Weathered shingles
  Materials required for low-slope application:
  • 41 shingles
  • 125 ft. cap
  • 314 ft. starter/drip
  • 18x 44 in. Ice & Water
  • 6x whirlybirds
  • 12x air vents
  • 6x 4 in. plumbing boots
  • 6x 6" x 4" plumbing pipe
SECOND SET This next unit is also due for a re-roofing, although it is not as urgent as the first. There is no evidence of rotting roof deck, but we will not know for sure until the roof is stripped. The flashing is also becoming loose, but not as bad as the first. I recommend it [the roof] be replaced this season. Materials required for low-slope application:
  • 28 shingles
  • 85 ft. cap
  • 234 ft. starter/drip
  • 13x 44 in. Ice & Water
  • 6x whirlybirds
  • 8x air vents
  • 4x 4 in. plumbing boots
  • 4x 6" x 4" plumbing pipe
Past due on maintenance
Cracking shingles
More shingles requiring replacement
Rear-view of another condo unit
Condo side-view
Front view
  THIRD SET This is a newer roof but it needs some attention. There are many shingles that need to be replaced to bring it back to a reasonable condition. There is also one chimney cap missing on this building. Materials:
  • 5x bundles BP 2-tone grey
  • 6x tubes Karnak
  • 1x 6 in. chimney cap
Rear-view of condos
Condo backyard
Evident wear-and-tear
Wear-and-tear by the gutters
Odd shingle out
Damage attributed to rotting wood
Cracked roofing
  FOURTH SET Unit in relatively good shape with only a few shingles requiring replacement. Materials:
  • 1x bundle BP 2-tone grey
  • 2x tubes Karnak
Torn shingles
Needs replacing!
Base view
  FIFTH SET The last building I assessed has had its roof replaced at some point but it is already showing signs of deterioration beyond repair. There is too much damage (especially on the bottom portion) to begin repairing it efficiently. One of the whirlybirds has lots several of its mounting screws and now the top portion of it is broken. I recommend that the entire roof be replaced in the near future. Materials required for low-slope application:
  • 41 shingles
  • 125 ft. cap
  • 314 ft. starter/drip
  • 18x 44 in. Ice & Water
  • 6x whirlybirds
  • 12x air vents
  • 6x 4 in. plumbing boots
  • 6x 6" x 4" plumbing pipe
Damaged whirlybird
In need of immediate maintenance
Impeding water run-off
Edge view
Possible candidates for wood rot
Torn shingles
More torn shingles
Client Provided with Quotation, August 3 2011:
  • Remove shingles; dispose and apply new roofing
  • Types: architectural shingles, premium SBS modified shingles, premium slate/shake, metal/rubber/concrete
  • Venting correction
  • High profile shingle cap
  • Premium 44" Ice & Water protection: includes valleys, neck tie roof openings
  • Coloured flashings: drip edge, gable edge, valley, vents, walls
  • Complete roof underlayment wrap
  • Storm nailing and installation
  • Premium caulking: under vents, exposed nails, valleys, etc.
  • Replacement of rotted roof sheathing
Client approves the work on August 9 2011, crew begins on August 10 2011: The crew went around the roof and picked out all of the damaged shingles. There were a couple of pin-holed shingles as well. It was found that Ice & Water was used under the roof as underlayment. Everything that the crew removed was replaced. The same procedure was followed for the second complex. The shingles up for removal were sealed together very well, so when we applied more force, entire segments ripped off.
Removing shingles in large segments
Torn flashing and vent systems requiring maintenance
Newer roofing system already experiencing weather damage
Recommended a full replacement
Top flat roof view
More shingle removal
Shingle removal from edges
  When the crew had finished ripping off the shingling on the west side of the sixth unit, we had to waterproof it. It was found that the roof was plank-based, rather than using sheeting. Rotten wood was also found that required replacement (an 8 ft. section). The remaining planks had their nails removed. Once preparation was complete, Ice & Water was applied to the base for waterproofing. The pallets for the east side were delivered later in the afternoon. Weather permitting, we will complete this site tomorrow.  
Shingles fully removed
This is what a bare roof looks like
Cut-out for whirlybird
Insulated roof
Plumbing boot reinstalled
August 12, 2011: With respect to unit 6, we started ripping up shingles while concurrently working on plumbing stack penetrations. The penetrations were tarred and neck tied. Concurrently, re-shingled portions of the roof were waterproofed. There was no more rotten wood found. Our compressor stopped working near the end of cap placement. Hand nailing was our only option. Other than that, the day went as planned.
Weatherproofing ventilation base
Covering up punctures from the old shingle system
Plumbing boot installation
Weatherproofing the ventilation systems
100_1462   August 16, 2011: Remaining shingles on the east side were removed and no more rotten wood has been found on the units. Waterproofing continued and we began waste removal; the garbage bin had arrived in the morning. The crew is ready to begin roofing in the morning. August 17, 2011: West side shingles were removed today, but we got rained out while trying to take off the flashing from the sidings. Installation of replacement shingles began.
Installing new shingles
Old shingles undergoing removal
100_1466 August 18, 2011 One of the plumbing stacks came too far out from the roof for the plumbing boot to fit. A crewman was sent back to the shop to get two high dome boots, so we kept putting the PVC pipes in. Two whirlybirds were also cut in and installed. We will complete this site tomorrow around the afternoon.
Plumbing boot installation
We had to re-size some segments
Preparing to install ventilation system
  Site Completition, August 19 2011: Last two whirlybirds installed and all penetrations completed. As predicted, job site was completed around the afternoon after cleanup and remaining shingles were installed.
Wind turbine preparation work
New wind turbines installed
Completed roof
One side finished
Closeup of a wind turbine reinstallation
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