Edmonton EPDM Roof and Dec-Tec Installation, June 2014

This residential client in Edmonton required an EPDM roof replacement on the back portion of their property. A subsequent dec-tec installation was also completed. The report outlines the work conducted by the GRS crew. Roof Report, June 26, 2014: When we arrived on site I directed a crew member to take off all of the metal while I left briefly to pickup supplies.
Upon my return we removed the old roof and noticed that there was a lot of rot in the ply wood, so we had to cut it out and replace it with new wood. The area around the skylight was also rotten so we had to rebuild it which took quite a while.
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Roof Report, June 29, 2014: 
We arrived on site and had our tool box meeting then began to clean the roof. Next we started with our ISO install, once it was fastened down we placed the russ strip on the perimeter. After this was done we started to lay out the rubber which took some time as there are 11 corners, a skylight, and a scupper on this roof. As we were gluing down the rubber I was going behind and down all the corners with flash form.
At the end of the day we resealed the skylight and lap-sealed all of our corners and details. Lastly we cleaned up the site. The back roof is now complete but the dec-tec installation still remains.
20140627_224800_resized_120140627_224807_resized20140627_224819_resized20140627_224828_resized20140627_224842_resized20140627_224852_resized20140627_224900_resized Roof Report, July 9, 2014:
When we got to the site we began by cleaning up our work area. Then we started to cut down the stucco and original metal cap flashing so that we could replace the wall substrate. Rain was starting to fall and the roof area was leaking; we built a cover over the roof area so that we could continue without getting a seal.
Roof Report, July 10, 2014:
We removed the old roof, the wall substrate, and floor. Then we went to the dump to get rid of the garbage we had. I was going to go to home depot for the rest of the materials that I needed but it started raining so I just stopped for some more poly to make sure no water got inside. We got the poly up in place and it stopped raining so we continued with the working of the trusses. It is rotten right through on the SE corner of the deck and extra time was needed to repair and cut down some of the trusses. We also had to cut a lot of stucco off the post so that we could get a proper tie in with the dec-tec.
Roof Report, July 11, 2014:
We spent the day replacing the rotten wood around the wall post and repaired the area so that there would not be a problem around the post again. Extra time was spent correcting the slope in the SW corner so that water would not pond there. This included installing 2x4' s at at the right slope and screwing them in from both sides, again all while standing on trusses. We also started on the first run of 5/8 plywood and got half way through lowering the edge for the drip metal to be flush.
Roof Report, July 13, 2014: Today we completed the floor substrate so that there is a line of glue under every truss and 2 inch screws countersunk and spaced out every 8 inches. We then installed a drip edge behind the wall substrate and installed the matching wood to the walls. Then we installed metal to the corners that had gaps over a 1/4 inch to reinforce them. After that we installed a metal kick under the patio door and window. Then we installed dec corners and drip edge. Lastly we sanded down the whole area and installed dec patch to the laps.
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Edmonton Residential Roof Recovery & Skylight Repair, July 2013

This residential client in Edmonton required a roof recovery as the entire rooftop was flooded with water. The client also requires repairs to the skylights to ensure that water does not leak through them. Inspection, July 22, 2013: This is a tar and gravel roof that measures 32.5 square ft. with the lineal footage of the metal being 275 ft. The roof is completely flooded and two skylights on the back of the roof have slow leaks. They have been repaired previously with torch-on membrane. The two skylights need to be built up and we also recommend overflows be installed. The roof condition is poor to fair as there is buckling and ridging is apparent. The client would also like a quote for two 6 x 8 ft. skylights to be removed. Hardware on the roof currently:
  • (6) 4 inch plumb stacks.
  • (1) 12 inch b-vent.
  • (1) 6 inch b-vent.
  • (2) low skylights.
  • (2) pyramid skylights.
IMG_1215 IMG_3031 IMG_3816 IMG_5180IMG_8887 Roof Report, October 4, 2013: The first ten feet are 80% done, extra work was required for the 2 boxed in skylights. Extra time was also needed to deal with the solid wood (cutting it down to 2 inches to support the outside edge of the new iso and fascia board). We boxed in the curb for the north skylights with 3/8 plywood over the torched curb. We then installed RPF around the perimeter and on the 5 ft. center line of the TPO sheet. Following this we installed one run of TPO in the NW corner. Roof Report, October 7, 2013: We completed the seal from the previous day and finished another 10 ft. of roof up to the drain. Due to weather threats we will still allow the original roof to drain while continuing onto the next 10 ft. Roof Report, October 8, 2013: We completed the seal around the chimneys and I went to pick up the rest of the material required to finish the job. Unfortunately during the day the night seal was walked on and water started to drip down after the owners had left. With the water sitting on the hard wood floors it started to curl the corners of the wood. I think they need to be sanded and refinished in a 4 ft. by 6 ft. area in the hallway. IMG_0382 IMG_0383 IMG_0384 IMG_0385 IMG_0386 Roof Report, October 15, 2013: We managed to finish the roof just before the rain hit, but we still have to clean up the roof and ground. A bin was brought at the end of the day so we will have to deal with that tomorrow as well. My plan is to get the crew started in the morning and then complete two other inspections. I will come back to load up the truck and stay overnight again to make sure that the bins are removed from site. The customer is happy with the work and is going to talk to the project coordinator about the floor in his house. IMG_0395 IMG_0396 IMG_0397
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