Edmonton Liquid Rubber Roof Replacement, April 2012

This post reflects the field reports of a GRS crew attending to a client's re-roofing request. At the onset, it would appear that they would like to explore Tough Roof or a liquid rubber system.
The homeowners at this location are in the midst of a complete remodel and are looking to eliminate all problems with their roof. Though smaller repairs could be made, it looks like they would like to replace the roof outright. After explaining the systems available to them, they appear most interested in Tough Roof or a liquid rubber system.
  Scope of the Work:
  • Sealants and tie-ins are dried, non-malleable, and cracking.
  • The drainage appears to be good. No clogs, No pooling.
  • The parapet walls consist of capping only.
  • Building structure interior and exterior appear solid
  • The current tar and gravel roof is splitting - there is no sponginess. Blistering was found in 2 areas, with the larger of the two nearly punctured.
  • Christmas Light holders have been screwed into the capping above the windows, this will have to be replaced.
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  Update (May 30, 2012): We advised the client that roof preparation would commence the following day for the engineered liquid rubber application. Update (May 31, 2012):
After picking up some equipment from another job, the crew arrived on site for 9:20am, ready to begin preparing the roof for liquid rubber application. The gravel had to be removed first, followed by a thorough power washing to remove all possible debris from the roof. This took up the bulk of the day, but they received some extra assistance between 3:30 and 5:30 from another pair of crew members after they'd completed another job. Everyone on the main team departed at 6:30pm.
Update (June 1st, 2012): The crew returned to the job site for ~10:00am and continued pressure washing the roof and preparing it for the spray-on liquid rubber. They departed again for 2:30, having completed the preparations. Liquid rubber was then applied to the roof in what is called a 'flood coat'. The crew cited that the single coat was appropriate, and that another wouldn't be necessary. Update (June 13, 2012): The client called us to advise that a leak had developed at the skylight and that regardless of rain quantity, it appeared 'random' in how much water would seep through, and at what rate. The leak began after the Christmas lights were removed from the screw-in fixtures atop the window capping. The responding team went back up onto the roof and determined that the caulking around the windows was correctly applied. They concluded that there was no damage to the roof or fault in the liquid rubber application; the leak must be a problem with the window itself.   IMG_1858 IMG_1859 IMG_1860 IMG_1861 IMG_1862 IMG_1863 IMG_1864 IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_1869 IMG_1870 IMG_1871 IMG_1872 IMG_1873      
        Update (August 12, 2012): The client reached out to us again that the window is continuing to leak, and that they would like us to look at the flashing  on the roof where the Christmas lights had been screwed into. This recent bout of poor weather saw more water leaking in beyond a spot or two.   Update (August 28, 2012): The crew made it out to the client's location for further, more extensive repairs and safeguarding. They arrived at 9:15, and removed water from the roof, blow drying it clear as well. The capping metal was replaced and screwed down, and a trowel installed to the roof connection. After that, they installed scrim sheeting just before more rain came in. They had to leave the site between 4:30 and 6:30pm due to weather, but returned to tarp the site walls for an over-spray of more liquid rubber. Another coat was started, and the team continued to work until 8:15pm when more rain came rolling in. Tarps were left in place with the client's blessing, and the team promised their return in the morning.   Update (September 19, 2012): Once again, we arrived on location to address the area around the skylight/windows. Our crew member found a few holes and cracking that required repair. They were patched with seam tape and more liquid rubber. This repair took a mere hour and a half; crew departed site after that.     20140918_080905_resized 20140918_080910_resized 20140918_080957_resized 20140918_081004_resized 20140918_091942_resized 20140918_091953_resized 20140918_093327_resized 20140918_093341_resized 20140918_093349_resized   CODE: 4722 Contact Us 24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair. Telephone: 1.403.873.7663. Email: info@calgaryroofrepair.ca. Mailing: 240 – 70 Shawville Boulevard SE Calgary, Alberta. T2Y 2Z3. For all other areas of Canada call 1.877.497.3528 Toll Free. We service all areas of southern and central Alberta and south east British Columbia including Airdrie, Banff, Calgary, Canmore, Crossfield, Carstairs, Didsbury, Olds, Sundre, Three Hills, Drumheller, Hanna, Brooks, Bassano, Strathmore, Chestermere, Irricana, Cochrane, Black Diamond, Okotoks, Priddis, Bragg Creek, Cranbrook, Fernie, Panorama, High River, Vulcan, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Taber, Sylvan Lake, Red Deer and other Alberta rural points between.

Edmonton Flat Roof Repair and Inspection, October 2011

This report follows an inspection request from a client in Edmonton who was concerned about possible water leaks. After the initial inspection was finished some light repair work was completed by our crew. Inspection, October 17, 2011: I measured the perimeter of the roof (40' by 35'), the customer would like us to redo the mesh and cement along the metal cap flashing as it is cracked in many places. There is a skylight that is leaking near the center of the roof and the diameter of the skylight is 3'. I did not find any splits or cracks in or around the skylight but the customer would like to have it resealed to prevent further leak issues. The roof holds water in large areas as can be seen in the pictures, he would like to know if these areas need to be replaced or are okay until he sells his house. There was a test cut done by another roofing company and he was told the insulation was soaked but he would like a second opinion. Judging by the water ponding and the discoloration of the cap sheet, I am led to assume that the insulation underneath is in fact soaked and probably needs to be replaced. grs pics 087 grs pics 088 grs pics 089 grs pics 090 grs pics 092 Roof Report, November 28, 2011: Attached are some pictures of the troweling work that we completed at this site. The whole perimeter metal flashing was cleaned off and re-cemented as per the customers request. The only thing left to do at this site is put in the new skylight (when it is ready). 101_0010 101_0011 101_0012 101_0013 101_0014 101_0015 101_0016 101_0017 101_0018 101_0019 101_0020 < End Report > CODE: 7908 Contact Us Call our 24 hour emergency roof repair at 1.780.424.7663. Mail to: 3428 99 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6E-5X5. We service all of Alberta including Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Nisku, Beaumont, Lac La Biche, Grande Prairie, High Level, Westlock, Slave Lake, Edson, Drayton Valley, Devon, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Tofield, Lamont, Morinville, Vegreville, Tofield, Millet, Calmar, Evansburg, Redwater, Onaway, Viking, Athabasca, High Prairie, Valleyview, Fairview, Peace River, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe and many more rural areas and towns.