Roof Leak Repair in Fort Saskatchewan AB, July and August 2014

Below you will find a series of reports from the Edmonton roof repair crew responding to a call for leak repairs from a commercial client. We had to resolve some problems which were left over by previous contractors. Assessment, July 1 2014: Once we got up to the EPDM ballasted roof, we found a lot of broken glass uphill of the area where leaks were reported. After doing some cleaning, we moved some gravel aside (32 ft. x 32 ft. area) to look for issues. It was swept back into place when this section was cleared. After that, we did another 32 ft. x 32 ft. section of the roof and continued on in this fashion. It is also worth noting that the previous contractors did not use any seam tape on the field laps, but glued them to each other with a 6 in. overlap between each. On the parapet wall detailing, the previous contractors had used EPDM rubber as a patch, as opposed to form flash or cover tape. Considering the detritus removed from the site, coupled with the improper EPDM installation, we thought it would be best to check all the field laps above the leaking area. When we finished our day, we spoke to the client and explained that more time was required to continue looking for the leak. Field Report, July 2 2014: 3:00 arrive on site and assess the leaks from inside building when we got up on the roof in the area where the leaks where we found two corner patches that were cracking and the lap seal had let go that was the only visible sign of a leak everything else looked good so we used water mastic as we didn't have any lap seal on the truck to seal the cracks with the rain we could not put a permanent patch on this fix was temporary We arrived on the site at 3:00 pm and assessed the leaks from inside the building. When we checked the roof, there were two corner patches that were cracking and the lap seal had come off. This site was the only visible sign of leaking. Everything else looked okay, so we used water MASTIC, as we did not have any lap seal in the truck to seal the cracks with. Since it began raining, we could not put a permanent patch on this fix. August 4 2014: When the team arrived on-site, we started to move gravel away from the next section of the roof and found that there was a glued lap at the front parapet of the building with only a 2 in. overlap and buckle going through the lap. Around the curb, the wrong flashing was used and only wrapped the corners once. We fixed these issues before the afternoon began. All the gravel was then redistributed onto the roof surface. The client was informed that the problems he was having so far had been remedied. While we were away at another site, however, the staff at this location called us about another problem area that had emerged. The first is that the EPDM is peeling away from the wall and should be cut and patched before it starts pulling apart the field laps. There is also a new gas line going through the roof, and only caulking is being used as a sealant. A gum box should be installed as well.
  • 4 ft. x 1 ft. form flash
  • 8 ft. x 6 in. cover tape
  • 1x gallon of splice wash
  • 300 mL of quick primer
  • 30x rags
  • 4x scrub pads
  • 1x tube of lap sealant
August 5 2014: In order for us to fix the walls, we are going to need to cut the membrane and secure it back. This is going to leave a 2 ft. x 40 ft. EPDM opening in two different places. The following materials are required to fix these new openings:
  • 4 ft. x 40 ft. of EPDM (cut from a 10 ft. x 100 ft. roll)
  • 1x 5 gallon pail of bonding adhesive
  • 1x 4 in. gum box and sealer
  • 1x 5 gallon pail of splice wash
  • Box of rags
  • 4x roller sleeves
  • 4x paint brushes
  • 4x rolls of 3 in. seam tape
When we got to site, we went and talked to the site manager and she showed us the problem area.  Once on the roof, we found six deficient corners around the curbs and sleepers in the area above the leak.  Instead of guessing, we repaired them all in the hopes of fixing the leak.  We are still not 100% sure that solved problem, and we did not want to spend too much time repairing this area since all theses curbs should be removed and the old air unit thrown out.  So from 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm we looked for the leak, and from 2:15 pm to 5:00 pm we cleaned and patched the six aforementioned corners and replaced the gravel.  These were permanent repairs. At 5:00 pm we went back to the upper roof and started the preparatory work for repairing the walls until 7:00 pm.  We have all the gravel moved back and the cut out the EPDM required for tomorrow.
  • 6 ft. x 1 ft. form flash
  • 1 gallon of splice wash
  • 1x tube of lap sealant
  • 30 rags
  • 32 ft. x 10 ft. EPDM
  • 3x scrub pads
  • 1x paint brush
  • 4x pairs of disposable rubber gloves
August 6 : We completed the two wall repairs which took extra time since wehad to redue the russ strip in these areas. I informed the client of the extra needed and he said as long as it was done right. We had a meeting on the roof at 4 pm and showed the work we had done and he was happy with it and would like to give us more work on another building. We know this building will need more work since the original roofers took a lot of short cuts. August 6 2014: We completed the two wall repairs, which took longer than anticipated since the Russ strips required redoing. The client was okay with the overtime and appreciated that we were completing the work properly. We had a meeting on the roof later in the afternoon and showed the client the finished product. He was happy with the results and wanted to give us more work on another building. It is also anticipated that this building will need more work done since the original contractors took a lot of shortcuts. Materials
  • 8x tubes of lap sealant
  • 3x rolls of 3 in. seam tape
  • 10 ft. x 1 ft. of cover tape
  • 1/x of rags
  • 2 gallons of splice adhesive
  • 2 gallons of quick prime
  • 1 gallon of bonding adhesive
  • 2 gallons of splice wash
  • 2x roller sleeves
  • 4x paint brushes
  • 6x scrub pads
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