Edmonton Commercial Flat Roof Replacement, August 2012

This client in Edmonton required a complete flat roof replacement on a multi-family apartment building. An initial inspection was carried out by our crew followed by a complete roof replacement to prevent further water damage. Note: This report also contains additional follow-up service reports.
Inspection, August 30, 2012:
I have measured the apartment building, and have attached photos of the measurements, along with the possible problems regarding the leaks. There are a number of bubbles scattered over the roof, with the biggest bubble being roughly 12 feet long. It is a flat roof (tar and gravel), and by my estimation the current tar and gravel roof is roughly 20-23 years old. As the gum box is in pretty rough shape, I tried to picture as many of the bubbles as I could. However I lost track of them as there are roughly 8 bubbles over a 20' by 20' area. The corners of the building look okay, as do the surface of the pipes. I did not want to disturb the tar and gravel too much as I did not want to cause another leak. I am surprised there is only one leak. With the bubbles being scattered over the roof it would be hard to tell which bubble is causing it, and in time there will be more leaks.
IMGP0279 IMGP0286 IMGP0287 IMGP0290 IMGP0294 IMGP0303 IMGP0312 IMGP0314 IMGP0316
Roof Report, September 13, 2012:
Removed gravel from roof and window areas, repaired hole in roof and waterproofed. This roof requires a full replacement. Edmonton-20120913-00146 Edmonton-20120913-00148 Edmonton-20120913-00151
Roof Report, September 26, 2012:
  • Arrived at site, set up ladder (with bungee tie off).
  • Two crew members removed the old roof while I went to Roofmart for material pickup.
  • 720 sq ft. had been ripped by the time I had returned.
  • Gaping holes are evident in the sheathing. Will be replaced tomorrow.
  • We started to sweep the area, removing gravel in preparation for ice and water application.
  • Adhesive was applied to the substrate, and ice and water was laid down.
  • The ice and water was tied into the existing roof system with tar.
  • Vents were surrounded with tar.
  • Roof was cleaned up and ladder was taken down.
Materials Used:
  • 4 rolls of ice and water.
  • 1 pail of adhesive.
  • 1 roller.
  • Several sleeves.
IMG-20120925-00278-Optimized IMG-20120925-00279-Optimized IMG-20120925-00280-Optimized IMG-20120925-00281-Optimized IMG-20120925-00282-Optimized IMG-20120925-00283-Optimized IMG-20120925-00284-Optimized IMG-20120925-00287-Optimized IMG-20120925-00289-Optimized IMG-20120925-00291-Optimized IMG-20120925-00293-Optimized IMG-20120925-00294-Optimized IMG-20120925-00295-Optimized IMG-20120925-00296-Optimized IMG-20120925-00297-Optimized IMG-20120925-00298-Optimized IMG-20120925-00300-Optimized IMG-20120925-00301-Optimized IMG-20120925-00302-Optimized Roof Report, September 28, 2012:
  • Arrived on site and filled out safety documents.
  • The crew continued laying down fiber board on roof.
  • A tarp was attached to the side of building to prevent garbage from damaging walls while dumping.
  • Parapet was coated all the way around.
  • Fabric was laid and coated with liquid rubber with a paint roller.
  • Clean up began once whole area was rolled with liquid rubber.
  • Packed up equipment onto the trailer and finished for the day.
IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1608 IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1611 IMG_1613 IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1643 IMG_1644 IMG_1645 IMG_1646 IMG_1647
Roof Report, October 15, 2012:
  • Dried off frost on the roof.
  • Rolled roof field with high bond 200.
work done for oct 15 2012 001 work done for oct 15 2012 002
Follow-up Snow Removal Service, March 31, 2013: This was a snow and water removal service call. There was only a small spot of snow and the rest was water. Water covers almost all the roof except where there was a drain or scupper. The average water level was 2' and was removed by pushing the water in tandem with snow shovels. Edmonton-20130207-00396
Follow-up Inquiry, June 4, 2013: Our project manager sent the following email to the client regarding a possible water leak issue (her response follows):
I've had some time to sort through your inquiry earlier. I had a tech attend and the roof is extremely sound. It is possible, depending on timing over the weekend, that somehow when the crew attended to do the roof that somehow water got in somewhere. But the roof as it stands now is extremely and unusually sound. And as far as what you previously viewed with those flashings (the comment that the roof may not be done from your previous).... I have no idea how those came off the roof and I don't even want to venture a guess but my roofers re-fastened and all is good. Notwithstanding, here are some points of clarification or future discussion: IF THE ROOF EVER LEAKS AGAIN (or it appears to be the roof at all for any reason) have whomever it is call me the second they see an issue. This is critical so I can assess. I have a suspicion that a roof drain is leaking somewhere in the plumbing and in ideal conditions it will leak. A theory of mine is that when the crew attended and they they pumped water off the roof (and directed it down a drain), this is when the leak occurred - which means there is a breach in the plumbing at a drain (if I am correct). Also, the roofers did mention that at some point you should consider either scuppers at the edge of the roof on each side with a downspout or alternatively more internal drains. They commented that when they attended to re-cover the whole roof that there was a fairly good amount of ponding which isn't good. Internal roof drains are very expensive due to the plumbing costs but external scuppers at 2 or 3 sides would be much less (like 10% of internal drains). The cause of this is that over the years a building settles and isn't level so either more plumbing drains are added or exterior scuppers. I think that about covers it for now. Be sure if there is any sign of a leak that at first sign they call me and we'll get over there at first sign to track the problem down and if we diagnose it's an internal plumbing connection to a drain we can coordinate the plumber for you at that time also. Thanks
Hi, Thanks for the information.  We did have our plumber attend the building yesterday and he did discover an issue with the plumbing in the lower unit, which has since been corrected.  We will keep an eye on it. Thanks so much for your quick response and I hope that we will no longer have any water problems. Regards,

Follow-up Service Dispatch, May 21, 2014:
We fixed a lot of seams that were split and also found some holes that are now repaired. One section was really bad and was ponding so I dried it out and applied new LR to the entire area. One vent was peeling around the base (I also fixed it). I then went through the whole roof with a fine tooth comb and fixed every deficiency with the LR.
Materials Used:
  • .5 pail of trowel grade LR.
  • 1 pail of roll on LR.
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