Edmonton Residential Sloped Roof Replacement, August 2014

This client required a full replacement of their sloped roof. A quotation with various types of shingling options was requested before work commenced on the project.  After some emailing with the client, they indicated that they were interested in either the Owens Corning Duration, IKO Grandeur, or Malarkey Legacy shingles. The client also had some concerns about roofing during the rainy season in June however the concerns were put to rest by our team:
The roofers close in what ever they rip on any given day so yes we can continue easily when the rain stops but we do not continue while its raining. Thank you.

The client was also provided with our Pitched Roof Shingle Installation Specifications:
  • Inspection of attic space – check intake air at soffits to be insulation is not covering intake, check exhaust venting at ridge to be sure it is clear and calculate proper exhaust required for attic size, check insulation to be sure there is no moisture damage, inspect underside of sheathing for damage.
  • All old nails removed from roof deck before new shingles installed (vs hammering down old).
  • Eaves-flashing along all eaves-troughs (coloured as required).
  • Rake-flashing along all rakes / gables (as required specific to design).
  • Commercial Grade 44" Ice and water membrane along all eaves, in all valleys, and at valleys at valley flashing edges after sheet metal installed.
  • Replacement of all vents and bathroom exhausts (coloured as required and ice and water to back and sides of flange). Optional ridge venting.
  • Supply and install of 3 ft metal back-pan for chimney (coloured as required and ice and water to back and sides of flange).
  • Supply and install of ice and water to flange of all vents, bathroom exhausts, chimney pack-pans, and any penetration.
  • Pre-painted valley flashing (commercial gauge with ice and water installed first, then metal, then ice and water running vertically on both sides).
  • Full premium synthetic felt underlayment over entire roof (tar paper becomes brittle over time and cracks).
  • Replacement of all goose-neck vents (pre-painted and colored as required with ice and water to back and sides of flange).
  • Replacement of all vents and exhausts with rubber sealed screws and not shingle nails.
  • Disposal of all materials, and full clean-up with magnetic roller to pick up any hidden nails.
  • Re-caulking of all storm collars and rain caps with high grade polybitumen or high grade polymer caulking (no tar caulking that will crack).
  • Storm nail all shingles (6 nails per shingle vs. 4).
  • Clean all gutters and downspouts.
  • Neighbour's discount of 5% for any neighbour that has work done immediately after yours.
  • Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee, 5,000,000.00 Liability, BBB, WCB, All Roofs Inspected, We Hire Inter-Provincial Red Seal Journeymen, Safety First Program.

The client decided to go with the Malarkey Legacy shingles. The initial colour was to be Midnight Black but the client change their mind and decided on Weathered Wood instead. This was no problem for our team who were able to locate the new shingles. Materials Required:
  • Field Shingles - 30 Sq. of Malarkey Legacy Weather Wood.
  • Cap Shingles - 80 lineal ft. of Malarkey product number 224 - EZ Ridge 10" to be set up over the ridge vent strips.
  • Starter Shingles - 240 lineal ft. of starter (whichever is recommended with Legacy).
  • Eave drip edge - 200 lineal ft. of color drip.
  • Ridge Vent - 80 lineal ft. of Lo-Omni Ridge vent is 9" wide for install under the Malarkey EZ Ridge 10" shingle.
  • Plumbing Boots - 3 neoprene or plastic.
  • Goose Necks - 2 colored goose-necks with-out baffle (screen only).
  • Valley Metal - 100 lineal ft. of coloured valley metal.
  • Underlay - 25 Sq. of synthetic breathable underlay choice.
Before and After Photo Journal:IMG_20140830_105926 IMG_20140830_105930 IMG_20140830_105944 IMG_20140830_105956 IMG_20140830_110005 IMG_20140830_125316 IMG_20140902_150733 IMG_20140904_143117 IMG_20140904_143121 IMG_20140904_143124 IMG_20140904_143154 IMG_20140904_143159 IMG_20140904_143203 IMG_20140904_143212 IMG_20140904_181216 IMG_20140904_181222 The following emails between our project manager (italicized) and the client were regarding the warranty for the Malarkey shingles:
Attached is a copy of your warranty! Have a great day!
Hi. Thanks for your speedy response with the warranty, I got it.  I assume I don’t have to sign the warranty as GRS filled out and signed on our behalf.  Please confirm. Thanks for the pictures. Also, the bin has been removed today so it’s great, my wife can now get her car out. Good to know the vents were replaced, thanks.  A few questions about the warranty. a)  The warranty mentioned that shingles installed in the fall and winter may required hand-seal.  Does this apply to us considering completion in Sept. and we had snow today? b)  How do we know that all shingles have been fully sealed? c)  The warranty indicates that shingles that failed to seal during the first year after installation requires hand-seal by Malarkey.  Is GRS going to carry out inspection within the first year of installation to ensure complete sealing of all shingles, and if not, contacts Malarkey to get them hand sealed? Again, thanks in advance.
Hello, Good to hear about the bin.... he's been slow lately with the fall panic. As far as sealing, no problem there, they installed during suitable conditions. If they were installing today however, yes, they would have to tab every shingle. Tabbing is a last resort and not recommended when conditions are suitable as it actually interferes with the normal course of suitability (the sealant on the shingles is better than tabbing if able to activate). So in short, your application was done under proper conditions and is suitable under the warranty. Follow up. Yes, every roof is inspected during and shortly after install (yours has been already by myself and passed with flying colors) and is re-visited in the spring the following season. So we will be on your roof at some point in spring as part of your service. After which we inspect every 3 - 5 years ongoing as a service. Thanks for your patience with the bin!
Hi. Good to hear the application is suitable under warranty.  Also good to hear GRS provides on-going services like regular inspection, eases our worries greatly.  Forecast 20+ next week so think we don’t have to worry about self-sealing after-all. Again, thanks for helping out with our roof replacement project.  Great management effort.

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