EPDM Roof Restoration with Liquid Rubber Coatings, September 2015, Edmonton

GRS first carried out an inspection and some light repairs on this commercial building's EPDM roof in April of 2012. There are two roofs in this system, one EPDM and one metal. We began working on the roof in September of 2015, proceeding with an engineered liquid rubber coating, on top of repairing any new fault areas that have developed since then. Check out this page for the original inspection information, though it may be referenced in some sections below.
Table of Contents:
Scope of Work
Roof Reports [all 2015]
  Inspection: April 17, 2012 The original inspection is very thorough and worth reviewing. In summary, the EPDM and metal roof was suffering from some puncture holes, leaks, and membrane degradation. The structure itself is sound, but could use some maintenance to address then-current and future problems. Spot repairs could be carried out, or the roof could be recovered with a new watertight system (ie: liquid rubber).   Scope of Work: September 7, 2015 The crew made a list of things to present to the client, covering all of the pertinent safety information and everything needed to demonstrate that the scope of the project has been thoroughly considered. Below is a copy of everything they were prepared to cover.
Required on site to show HSE Manager:
  • GRS tool box documents
  • MSDS (attached)
  • WHIMIS tickets.
  • First aider with ticket
  • Fall arrest tickets
  • First aid kit
  • Pylons and caution tape for 6' control zone
  • Harnesses and ropes
  • Proper safety glasses
  • Steel toe boats (with green triangle symbol)
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Gloves
  • Liquid rubber - 15 - 17 pails
  • Rollers, sleeves, brushes
  • Seam tape
  • Flashing mesh
  • Pressure washer, hose, electrical - be sure to advise office staff that roof may leak while washing.
  • Rags (materials to dry roof)
  • EPDM repair materials and tools
  • Access to roof is with roof door - walk out on roof. Do not use ladders to access roof.
  Scope of Work:   Roof 1. EPDM ballast roof restoration. Approximately 36' x 50'
  • Remove rock ballast from half of EPDM roof
  • Wash EPDM roof membrane to white-glove clean
  • Repair EPDM as required
  • Coat half roof with liquid rubber (about 900 sq feet or 3 - 5 pails)
  • Return ballast to EPDM roof
  • Remove rock ballast from other half of EPDM roof
  • Wash EPDM roof membrane to white-glove clean
  • Repair EPDM as required
  • Coat half roof with liquid rubber (about 900 sq feet or 3 - 5 pails)
  • Return ballast to EPDM roof
  Roof 2. Metal Roof Coating. Approximately 56' x 50' Details first. Wash roof and/or internal gutters as required. Dry. Reinforce all your details with liquid rubber and/or seam tape or mesh as required before rolling out or spraying liquid rubber. Check all fasteners and replace as required or coat with liquid rubber. Check all rooftop penetrations, flashing, roof-to-wall connections, roof eave to gutter area, internal gutters and sheet metal connections, internal gutter to wall connections, and seams (especially horizontal) that may be separating. Clear old caulking etc. Add seam tape or mesh with liquid rubber. Coat complete metal roof, in gutters, and up parapet walls 30" in liquid rubber. Be sure to tape off a clean line at wall at a height of 30" or so - the line needs to be clean and straight. Pay close attention to internal gutters especially where sheet metal connects and where the internal gutter is at a vertical meeting the metal roof edge (that's where most leaks on these systems occur).  
Metal roof coating repair video and explanation of scope of work at this link:
  Roof Report: September 8, 2015 The team met in the morning for a brief safety meeting with the entire crew present. They then went up to the roof to begin moving the ballast from the west side onto the east side, preparing the area for cleaning. Using pressure washers to clean off the surface, the team found some difficulty with the amount of clay mixed in with the dirt. They sent one of the technicians out to pick up more scrub pads that could handle the tougher soil. Heavy rain began rolling in, so the team had to depart a little bit early. Half of the roof is cleaned off and prepared for the following day's application of liquid rubber. Plan for September 9: Arrive for 7:00am, and put down the first layer of liquid rubber on the now-complete half of the roof. While it cures, the second half of the roof will be prepared for the same.  
Puncture hole around the detailing of a ventilation unit.
Pressure washers were used to clean the surface, which was covered in a mixture of clay and dirt.
Scrub pads were used to remove the remaining soil. After the roof was dirt-free, we gave it a final wash.
We had to shut the site down when heavy rain began to roll in. Half of the roof was cleared and now prepared for liquid rubber applications.
    Roof Report: September 9, 2015 The GRS crew arrived on site for 6:45am, and had their toolbox meeting for fifteen minutes until the client arrived to grant access to the roof. They began by clearing off the residual moisture and prepared to apply the liquid rubber to half of the EPDM roof. In the meanwhile, the other part of the team was at the shop picking up another six buckets of the liquid rubber solution. By the time they'd returned, the first team kept cleaning the metal roof. Half of the metal roof had liquid rubber applied to it, and the technicians kept preparing the gutter and sidewalls for recovery. Once the west side of the EPDM roof had cured, the crew moved the ballast back from the east side. They kept preparing and cleaning the east side for tomorrow's application of liquid rubber, as some rainfall prevented them from more liquid rubber application. Both the EPDM and metal roofs have been half-completed with liquid rubber, with the other half prepared for the following day's work. The customer also reported a heavy leak, which was traced and temporarily patched until it can be addressed at-length.
Completed liquid rubber coatings on one of the metal roofs.
Clearing away residual moisture and ballast rocks from the other half of the EPDM roof.
Detailing around the rooftop units also required new coatings, with cracks forming around the corners.
After cleaning the remaining portion of the metal roof, a second team of technicians completed the coatings after preparing the gutter and sidewalls for recovery.
Various rooftop appliances also required coatings around their bases.
Once the EPDM had cured, we applied liquid rubber to half of the roof which had previously been covered in residual moisture.
The parapet walls were inspected for various deficiencies, such as punctures and pockets formed at the wall connections.
Initial patch applied to the detailing around a rooftop unit on the metal roof.
Remaining half of the metal roof to be recovered.
  Roof Report: September 10, 2015 Work began on the roof around 6:45am, where the team got to cleaning the EPDM roof in preparation for more liquid rubber. Everything was cleaned and prepared for 10:00am, and after a brief coffee break one technician got to applying the rubber solution to the ribs of the metal roof while another applied it to the EPDM. The two remaining crew mates finished up the mesh and detail work on the metal roof, working through 12:30pm until lunch. Resuming at 1:00, they all continued with their assigned tasks until the metal roof was done around 3:00pm. The EPDM roof has a 5' x 36' section still requiring ballast removal, cleaning, and liquid rubber application. It's expected that the work will be finished tomorrow.
After clearing the ballast rocks from the other half of the EPDM roof, we again had to wash off the clay/dirt mixtures from the surface.
After washing the detritus, the surface was nearly ready for liquid rubber coatings. Scrub pads were used to remove any remaining buildups. One 5' x 36' section of ballast was still remaining, as well.
Concurrently, another technician applied coatings to the remaining metal roof's ribs.
Completed liquid rubber recovery to an EPDM roof.
Completed metal roof.
    Roof Report: September 11, 2015 The crew arrived on site for 7:30am, and got to cleaning the remaining section of the EPDM roof. By the time they took a break around 10:10am the roof was clean and ready for the liquid rubber. They performed a leak test on the second roof, and made sure that there was no water ingress to the offices below. Once confirmed, they prepared the breather holes on the metal roof's ribbing with mesh and rubber. Lunch break went from 11:30 - 12:00pm, and the EPDM roof was finished shortly after. The rubber has to cure before the ballast can be replaced, so the team moved on to the metal roof to continue adhering the mesh and rubber to the ribbing. Come 2:40pm, they had the site cleaned up and marked the job complete. < End Report >   CODE: 6621 Contact Us Call our 24 hour emergency roof repair at 1.780.424.7663. Mail to: 3428 99 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6E-5X5. We service all of Alberta including Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Nisku, Beaumont, Lac La Biche, Grande Prairie, High Level, Westlock, Slave Lake, Edson, Drayton Valley, Devon, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Tofield, Lamont, Morinville, Vegreville, Tofield, Millet, Calmar, Evansburg, Redwater, Onaway, Viking, Athabasca, High Prairie, Valleyview, Fairview, Peace River, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe and many more rural areas and towns.