Roof Eavestrough Repair and Waterproofing, June 3, 2015

ARTICLE: Eavestrough Repair Edmonton, Alberta. Installing Drip Edge for Proper Waterproofing at Fascia to Gutter Area. Installing Downspout Extensions for Drainage From Basement. Replace Damaged Downspouts.

Eavestrough Repair Edmonton. How to Maintain Your Eavestrough and Downspouts for Effective Building Envelope Water Proofing and Foundation Waterproofing. 

The scope of work for this work site covered a number of waterproofing essentials. The primary waterproofing issues that were fixed were:

1. Foundation Waterproofing. The objective being terminating water away from your foundation for proper drainage and extending the life span of your basement.

To effectively waterproof your basement you must have a yard that is sloped away from the basement and you must also terminate roof rain water away from the foundation of your building.

In this instance the crew installed downspout extensions to achieve the goal.

2. Building Envelope Waterproofing. A. The objective in this instance is for rain water coming down the slope of the roof to terminate in the eaves-trough and not run between the fascia and gutter. B. The secondary objective is to prevent ice dams that build up in gutters to creep up under the shingles and on to the roof deck causing deck rot and possibly leaks.

A. When water comes off the roof and misses the gutter and goes between the gutter and fascia it may cause problems with your foundation and may cause ice dam problems or water ingress in to your soffit area. This can rot out your roof assembly at the soffit and fascia area.

To correct this our crew installed roof eave edge drip flashing along the length of the eave deck sheathing. This will cause the rain water to terminate in the gutter instead of running between the gutter and fascia.

B. Installing drip edge will also help (nominally) ice dams not get to the sheathing and rot out the roof deck. For optimum waterproofing at the eave edge you would want to install ice and water membrane on the sheathing so that if the ice from the gutter gets up and under the shingles and over the drip edge and on to the sheathing and melts then the ice and water underlay will protect the sheathing and avoid leaks. In this example it was not in our scope of work.

May 21, 2015: Crew Attends Site for Eaves-trough Maintenance and Waterproofing Tasks.

Site Location: 16310 Stony Plain Road Edmonton, Alberta.

Location Type: Commercial, Institutional.

3:30 pm we arrived on site. Performed safety protocol and site meeting.

SCOPE OF WORK: We installed 80 feet of drip edge metal flashing along the south side of the building (by the side entry) as well as to the north side of the building. To install the drip edge flashing we used roofing nails to secure the drip edge flashing to the deck side of the eave edge of the roof to allow for water run-off to enter gutter. The problem the customer was experiencing was water running down the sloped roof and getting between the gutters and the fascia and not actually getting in to the gutters.

After that was complete the next scope of work was install downspout extensions and to build brackets out of wood to help the down pipes stay off the ground. The extensions will now run the water away from the foundation of the property. For the brackets we cut and measured pieces of wood to rest the down pipe on. Once these were built we painted them brown to match the down pipe.

We also had to replace two pieces of down pipe as they were damaged .

6 pm leave site.

Insatlled Drip edge
Installed drip edge flashing to ensure water got from sloped roof to gutter instead of running between roof edge and fascia.
wooden brackets we had to make for down pipe
Wooden brackets we had to make for down pipe. Water now terminates toward a slope and away from foundation for proper waterproofing.

Man hours:  7 hours Materials used: 10 pieces of metal drip edge. 2 down pipes that we replaced. 6  2 x 3 (boards) for downspout extensions. Spray paint for downspout extensions. 100 roof nails.


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