Edmonton Commercial Metal Roof Leak Repair, August 2011

This report begins with a quotation outlining various options for a metal roof repair. There is moisture entering the building and leaking which is occurring after rain and snow falls. There also appears to be a number of maintenance issues with the existing sheet metal. Roof Observation Report: Very difficult to pinpoint where the moisture is entering, however it appears to be coming in at a number of areas. The metal roofing has a number of maintenance/sheet metal issues but the inherent expansion and contraction also likely causes issue. This roof leaks after the snow melts and heavy rainfalls. The roof is approximately 25 years old and could use a metal roof replacement but the Engineered Liquid Rubber coating will stop the roof from leaking for many years. Project Manager Recommendations (emailed to client):
This roof structure is a candidate for either a repair-maintenance program or an engineered coating and does not have to be replaced. I would not recommend an elastomeric coating or the SPF Spray Foam as the acrylic and EPDM covering options do not last well in Edmonton climate, but liquid rubber performs well in our climate. Generally speaking, metal roof systems are constant aggravating roof structures. Industrial metal roof systems have a deficient design - they are water-shedding and not water-proofing coverings. Metal expands and contracts more than any other roofing material. Metal roofs tend to leak from expansion and contraction and ice / snow loads. Leaks are intermittent at seams, penetrations (stacks, etc.), fasteners (fastener holes get larger with expansion and contraction), around the perimeter as ice back-ups at gutters and then under eave, and at joints between roof and wall connections. Metal rust / corrosion may start at places, the seams and fasteners are vulnerable from expansion / contraction and snow loads, and any traditional caulking or coating won’t last more than a few seasons at best. Remedies are either spot repairs-maintenance with caulking or more extensive maintenance which involves engineered coatings. Our recommendation is a high end engineered liquid rubber polymer coating that carries a 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty and has option for maintenance contracts for extended warranty. General Roofing is considered a pioneer and leader in engineered roof coatings; (www.liquidrubber.ca, https://www.grscanadainc.com/Roof_Coatings.html, https://www.grscanadainc.com/Liquid_Rubber.html). We have significant liquid rubber operations specifically serving industrial facilities with low slope metal roofs. Our clients include companies such as Imperial Oil, Shell Oil, Telus, Fortis, Toran Power, National Oil Well Varco (NOV), Teck Resources, and many more.(https://www.grscanadainc.com/Project_Portfolio.html). In this instance, we recommend a 2 Ply System engineered liquid rubber coat to complete metal roofing, fastener replacement as required, sheet metal repair as required to-achieve a water-tight state. Typically this is even more successful than a full metal roof replacement. A recent project with photos can be found at; http://generalroofingsystemscanadainc.blogspot.ca/2012/05/roof-repair-liquid-rubber-metal-roof.html Thank you.
August 16th, 2011: The crew arrived on site and found two pipe boots and two patches that were leaking. Also discovered were two large holes in the membrane of the north corner (also causing leaking). It appears that something heavy had dropped on the roof at some point causing the holes. The insulation around the two holes was totally saturated and this was clearly allowing quite a bit of water into the system. The insulation is acting like a sponge and is releasing water into the Q deck and lunch room of the building. The crew performed a drip count within the three areas where dripping was occurring. The first drip count was done before the flood test and the results are as follows: Area 1:  every 10 seconds. Area 2:  every 6 seconds. Area 3:  every 19 seconds. After the repair and during the flood test the results were as follows: Area 1:  every 16 seconds. Area 2:  every 20 seconds. Area 3:  none.
The test indicates that the repairs were successful and that there is a slow drip only because of the still saturated insulation. The crew also searched the rooftop for any other possible leak spots. One area was found and patched. It was further reported to the client that the A/C unit in front of the roof hatch was dripping water from inside the unit.
The client was highly satisfied with the execution of the repairs.
Two large holes in the membrane were found, and the insulation was completely saturated with water. Water had been entering the building through these holes and leaking into the lunch room.
We moved the ballast rocks around the piping systems and other roof appliances, checking for deficiencies. The coatings around the base of this drain were past their life cycle.
Second tear location. Although this section of the roof had previously been patched over, some heavy object had fallen and caused the hole.
The torn off EPDM was tucked back into place, with new liquid rubber coatings applied over top.
Coatings completed on both tears.
After the coatings had cured, they were patched over with new EPDM.
Finally, caulking was applied over the seams to make the new patches watertight.
We found some other old patchwork that had been provided in past spot repairs. Some of them had been coming apart, although no water had been entering the building through these sections.
There were a few other patches along the perimeter of the roof that we also identified as requiring touch-ups.
Liquid rubber coatings and spud at the seams were applied over these patches to mitigate leaking in the future.
Water had been dripping from inside of the A/C unit into the roof structure.
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