Edmonton Liquid Rubber Roof Replacement, September 2012

This commercial client had various water leak issues on his rooftop including water ponding which had damaged the membrane. The roof was a candidate for the replacement or recovery option and the client decided to go ahead with a full liquid rubber replacement. After two inspections the following emails were sent between our project manager (italicized) and the client:
Good afternoon,
After our second and more thorough inspection, GRS feels it would be in your best interest to do a Full Roof replacement over Recovery.
A Recovery (retro-fit, overlay, re-covering) involves covering an existing flat roofing system with a new roof membrane. This process requires removal of all wet, damaged, or deteriorating roof insulation prior to the new roof being installed.
The main concern with a Recovery System is that your roof is currently leaking and the large amount of ponding water. This means the roof membrane may be totally damaged and a Full Roof replacement will suit you best.
In addition, when the current roof membrane has been saturated 30% or more we typically suggest a full roof replacement.
After our second inspection, we estimate that the roof is most likely saturated at around 15%.
At this level of saturation we can still proceed with a recovery system, however if we miss any insulation that is saturated, with the Liquid Rubber Recovery over top it creates condensation and the Liquid Rubber will bubble and possibly crack. If you decide to do a recovery system, we may have to come back for a few repairs meaning you may have future leaks. In the end it is more of a on-going problem for you and us. These visits will be free of charge as our recovery systems warranty applies.
For full roof replacement we still encourage our 4 ply Engineered Liquid Rubber System as we have had the most success with the product.
Today, customers trust significant roof asset management, repairs, and projects to GRS which include some of the largest commercial and industrial roofs in the world.
What sets us apart is an industry leading Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee and our commitment to core values. Old-fashioned hard work, customer service and honesty, customer education, superior property stewardship, an unwavering position toward safe work, and a passion for pinnacle roof craftsmanship are examples of values we hold. These build trust with customers, a strong company culture, and great character in roofers who enjoy a job well done. Any further questions or concerns I will assist you as you require.
 Thanks for the Consideration! Greatly Appreciated.
 General Roofing Systems.
Hi, I guess we need to proceed with a roof replacement with liquid rubber. Is this possible this year? Thank you.
Good morning, The 4 Ply Liquid Rubber Roof Replacement is strongly recommended. Great choice, the Liquid Rubber Roof is our most successful membrane.
We can complete this roof this year. Do you have any other questions? If you decide to carry through with this scope of work I will compile a work order for you to sign. Thanks for the consideration.
Initial condition of the rooftop: 1 2 3 4
Plumber's Report: Friday we had a plumber and mechanical technician attend the site to disconnect and move AC units and to lower the drain for adequate drainage of the roof.
The plumber informed me that the acting drain on your roof was actually the main vent for all your plumbing and could not be used as a drain as this does not adhere to the current building code. There is going to have to be a new drain installed on your roof to bring the roof up to code. We can finish the roof and install the drain once we are complete or at a later date but this leaves your roof without adequate drainage and could potentially create large problems. If you would like us to proceed I will get a quote from the plumber and a change order will have to be processed outlining the costs and will have to be approved and signed by you prior to the drain being installed. Our Journeyman red-seal roofer has informed me that upon the event of a flash flood/torrential downpour water will inevitably reach the flashing level and at this point water will seep into the roof system, causing the roof to fail. Thank you.
Roof Report, September 13, 2012:
  • Ripped off roof and cleaned it.
  • Removed skylight and put it back on again after taking off the sheet metal and flashing.
  • We put plastic cement around the vents.
  • Put on ice and water shield.
  • Job will be 100 percent done in another 2 days roughly.
Today a safety officer showed up at the job site and asked for the safety documents. Mike was there and he handled the situation very well, The safety officer asked us to install hooks to the roof for each person who is going to be working on the roof. We did what he asked for and he inspected to see if it was done proper. We were given the okay to carry on with the job. Roof Report, September 16, 2012: Materials dropped off on site in the morning and half of the ISO was already removed. After lunch all of the ISO had been removed and the crew was beginning to install the fiber board. Once half of the fiber board is down, one of the crew members will begin laying fabric. We should be at the spraying point by 4 or 5pm today. If the LR install is complete tonight the only thing remaining will be the re-connection of the AC units and the duct work. The new drain is to be put in on Monday pending the customers decision. A second coat may also be applied if necessary.
  • Laid and mechanically fastened ISO to entire roof area 5 screw and plates per 4'x4' sheet.
  • Coated ISO and backside of fiber board with liquid rubber for installation.
  • Installing fabric with rolled on LR (fabric 80%).
  • Patched holes in field temporarily with fabric and highbuild 200.
  • Attempted to spray but ran out of daylight.
Edmonton-20120916-00164 Edmonton-20120916-00165 Edmonton-20120916-00166 IMG-20120916-00163
Roof Report, September 17, 2012:
  • Finished 20% of fabric and rolled on LR.
  • We put high-build and mesh underneath flashing.
  • We put fabric and high-build around curbs.
  • LR coating on the entire roof.
  • Installed plumbing vents and roof jacks.
AC units and electrical are not connected. Plumber will be on site tomorrow to do the plumbing part. HVAC is not connected (duct not hooked back up). photo (1)photo (3)photo (4)photo (5)photo (6)photo (7)photo (8)photo (9)photo (10)photo (11) Extra Costs (associated with AC units): Our project manager sent the following email to the client:
Hi, I am writing this email to inform you of extra costs incurred on the project. Due to the age and positioning of the AC units on the roof they had to be completely disconnected and moved to install the roof system properly. Also while our mechanical contractors were on site disconnecting the AC and electrical, they requested they lower the drain on your roof to allow for adequate drainage. The plumber informed us the drain in current use was not a drain at all but the main vent for the plumbing of the building. Vents being used as drains is no longer accepted and is contrary to current building codes. This being said to bring the roof up to code and to be able to put the roof under warranty the drain simply had to be installed. I will get a change order for the additional costs sent over from our office for you to sign and send back, just sending this email as a courtesy to explain the extras so you don't feel in the dark. Thank You.
Roof Report, September 18, 2012:  
  • AC units connected and placed in original position.
  • Proper roof drain was installed.
  • Perimeter cant was brushed with highbuild 200 and meshed.
  • Entire roof was coated with brushed on LR.
  • AC units duct work reconnected.
  • Temporary anchor screws were siliconed and left as there was no drill on site.
photo (23) photo (24) photo (25) photo (26)
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