Edmonton Flat BUR Roof Repair and Maintenance, September 2010

This Edmonton client required repairs to an existing built up roof system. Some areas on the roof appear to be blistering and others have ponding water. A crew was dispatched to perform the repairs once the weather was suitable. Note: This report contains several separate repairs and maintenance reports completed at different times.
Scope of Work: Repairs to Existing BUR – Built Up Roof System.
  • 7 areas of the roof have blistering that requires repair.
  • 3 areas of the roof have ponding that requires repair.
  • 2 units show water penetration to the interior.
Some blistering in the roof around ventilation vents, with signs of moisture buildup.
Exposed blistering sticking through the gravel layer.
Holes in the base of a plumbing vent. During periods of precipitation, water has a direct point of entry into the building through holes such as these.
Significant signs of moisture buildup lead from evaporated standing water.
We removed the gravel around sections of significant moisture buildup to expose the roof surface. We found small pockets of waterpooling, which was also entering the building through the various blisters and tears that were identified.
Spudding over some tears.
Parts of the underlay that bordered with the edge of the shingle roof section were curling up, and required refastening. Moisture was entering the building through here.
Cement was applied over the sections of the roof where we had found significant standing water.
For smaller holes and blistering, we applied spudding, mesh over top, and then followed up with a second layer of spud.
  Roof Report, January 28, 2011: Investigated roof leak, approximately 18" frozen snow on roof. Checked all repairs done previously and no deficiencies could be found. Possible leak area (small leak now, did not show for 6 months) could only be related to metal flashing/roof flashing interface, which right now is frozen together.
I told our site contact that as soon as we have a good break in the weather we would be back to source the leak. She also asked me to check how the drains were, which were exposed and working fine. The client then showed me interior cracks in her ceiling, which with the amount of snow on the roof are more than likely due to extra weight on roof.  She told me their condo board has no money to pay for snow removal and they would take care of it themselves.
Annual Maintenance Follow-up, April 25, 2012: Arriving on site we walked around the building to look for any signs of potential problems ie. open mortar joints and general degradation, and nothing stood out. As we entered the premises interior ceilings and walls did not show any signs of water damage/problems.  Once we proceeded to the roof there was nothing that stood out. Closer examination showed some caulking drying up and cracking. We proceeded to caulk all units/protrusion on the roof and also caulked all seams and screws on the parapet flashing. There were a few minor repairs needed near the scuppers. We used MS Detail to do these repairs. Otherwise the BUR portion of the roof showed no signs of any deficiencies, such as blistering or ridging etc. Once the body of the roof was inspected for these deficiencies we then proceeded to broom the entire roof.  We would level out gravel where the wind around some units would push the rocks away and create a bare spot which would be open to exposure/ UV rays. Then we leveled out the gravel on the entire roof looking for low spot and making sure they were covered. There are only two areas of concern.  The first is the shingles under the scuppers; they are badly worn and are in need of replacement. The second is the gyp rock cover the hatch door. It came off when we opened the hatch, we would have fixed it but it had been re-screwed back on so many times that the edges of the gyp rock were nothing but torn paper. There were several different types of nails and screws around the edge to further indicate it was repaired many times. Roof Report, June 20, 2012:
Removed 18 inches of gravel around vent. The plys are wet and soft so we applied 12" of plastic cement around.
The ply around the vents were wet, soft, and coming apart.
12" of plastic cement was applied around the base.
Annual Maintenance Follow-up, January 30, 2014:
An email sent from our project manager to the client:
Hi, Our report, that was copied to you, determined that there are a number of areas of concern that will cause leaks; 1. Areas such as the caulking on the heat stacks (you don't need to call anyone to replace heat stacks) - maintenance issue. 2. Ice damming glacier effect - again maintenance. The previous repairs are not the issue. You have a failed roof that is going to fail in a number of areas at any time, as with this report. When the roof fails the leaks will manifest on the inside at the lowest points, the same points as always because water finds the lowest point in that area and manifests. Did you want a work order to have repairs done? Thanks
Some of the rooftop appliances, such as the base of this heat stack, required re-caulking around its seams.
Some of the rooftop units also had some tears along the termination bar which required resealing.
Exposed pocket adjacent to a piece of edge flashing. When ice damming melts, the water has a clear point of entry into the building through sections such as this.
Ice buildup directly facing an exposed section of the roof edge. We advised the client that without certain parts of the assembly being replaced, water would eventually leak into the building once the snow and ice melted.
 This project may be updated at a later date.
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