Nisku Liquid Rubber Roof Recovery, August 2011

The report below follows services carried out on a metal roof for one of our industrial clients. They sought GRS' assistance in recovering their roof with engineered liquid rubber, with some other spot repairs to complete as needed. Inspection: June 2, 2011 The GRS crew went on location to inspect the existing roof system and take photos that will help the project management group form a better idea of what service will be needed at this location. The photos appear below.
Our client had an industrial-grade metal roof. A crew was dispatched to perform an initial inspection with regard to the scope and requirements of performing a roof recovery using engineered liquid rubber.
Many of the screws were exposed or missing, with parts of the metal beginning to rust.
Rusting at the seams, with exposed screws running the length of this section of the roof.
There were signs of previous spot repairs. In this case, caulking had been applied to the screws.
More spot repairs, with caulking applied at the seams and over the edges. This solution had expired, with cracks forming along the length of the roof where the caulking had been applied over the seams.
Closeup of some old sealant applied over seams and around raised screws. Note the hole in the fastener that had previously been closed off. As well, there are slight buckles in the metal. Each of these deficiencies contribute to common leak entry points and a loss of a metal roof's water shedding properties.
We inspected the wall connection, noting whether any components on the wall itself needed to be replaced, and whether we had to order any new flashing as part of the recovery.
Sealant had previously been applied to the window sills, flashing, along the wall seams, as well as on the intersection between the flashing and the standing seams on the roof. Besides showing signs of cracking, there was also more rusting along the walls.
Significant rusting on the flashing, with an unsealed base for the rooftop appliance. As well, the edging over the window sills is not flush with each segment. Further down, it can be seen to be curling upĀ from the window.
  Quotation Delivered: June 6, 2011 After seeing the roofers' investigation photos and measurements, GRS' project management could deliver an accurate quotation for services to be carried out of the roof. Included in the quotation were two separate services; the engineered liquid rubber application and an EPDM installation for the area around two eaves. Also attached to the quotation were the documents and web links surrounding GRS' workmanship guarantee, system methods, schedule availability for the season, and more. There was another note mentioned that regarding schedule availability, it's best to book liquid rubber jobs earlier in the season for when it's warmer. Even though the solution will bond, it performs best when applied in warmer weather.   Roof Report: July 20, 2011 The crew went out to the client's building and got to administering trowel-grade liquid rubber to all penetrations, joints, and problematic areas that has been previously discovered. They also did a lap around the perimeter, ensuring watertightness on the high-risk parts of the roof. They then set up the pump to apply the spray-on liquid rubber and managed to cover roughly one-quarter of the roof itself. Their plan was to finish the entirety of the roof the following day, so they packed up the equipment, cleaned the site, and closed the site for the evening.  
Trowel-grade liquid rubber curing at the base of two plumbing appliances.
Liquid rubber coatings applied and curing at the base of a chimney stack.
We began the roof recovery by applying coatings at the wall connections, paying attention to the penetrations.
A lap around the perimeter was completed to ensure that high risk parts of the roof were protected.
Mid-application over a significantly rusted section of the roof.
By the end of the day, our technicians managed to coat one-quarter of the entire roof.
    Site Inspection: August 1, 2011   One of the senior members of GRS' crew went on-site to inspect the liquid rubber application and found it to be forming a good seal. There was some water that had formed a small bubble in the rubber, but once popped it was deemed fit for continued use as the rubber still formed a solid barrier to the metal.   Roof Report: November 25, 2011 Several months after the initial liquid rubber coating, the client call in to report some other leaks in separate areas of the roof. GRS sent a team out to the site to investigate and carry out the necessary repairs. They administered sealant to the flashing where the wall meets the north-facing roof edge, and again on the south-west corner of the building. They also sealed in the wall-to-roof spots on the west-facing wall and inspected the existing wall spray. After carrying out the spot repairs, they had a better idea of what else needed to be done to the roofing system, and returned the following report:
  • The west-facing wall where the windows are is 3' x 78'. Will need 100' x 6" skrim sheet, and roughly 16 man-hours to install it.
  • The north-facing wall is 3' x 40'. Need 50' x 6" skrim sheet for another 12 man-hours to install.
  • The west-facing wall's upper roof is 3' x 24'. Need 25'x6" skrim sheet and 10 man-hours to finish.
The site was cleaned up, and the crew departed, leaving the repair options in the hands of the client.   This report will be updated as more reports come in, should the client elect to move forward with repairs. CODE: 1409 Contact Us Call our 24 hour emergency roof repair at 1.780.424.7663. Mail to: 3428 99 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6E-5X5. We service all of Alberta including Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Nisku, Beaumont, Lac La Biche, Grande Prairie, High Level, Westlock, Slave Lake, Edson, Drayton Valley, Devon, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Tofield, Lamont, Morinville, Vegreville, Millet, Calmar, Evansburg, Redwater, Onaway, Viking, Athabasca, High Prairie, Valleyview, Fairview, Peace River, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe and many more rural areas and towns.  

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