Sherwood Park Residential Roof Leak Warranty Repair, May 2012

The GRS team installed an EPDM roof for this client the previous year. The client informed that there was water coming through a vent in the washroom and requested a warranty service repair. This is a follow-up report for a project completed the previous year. You can find the original article here. The following email was sent by our project manager to the crew member who would be attending the warranty repair call:
Good morning, We installed this EPDM overlay for the client last fall. It was a good install. My thinking is that it is condensation as he has an original home and it was having condensation issues last fall when we did the install also. If it is condensation, you may want to design a roof vent lay-out for him to get the roof venting. The important part is to be sure that there is at least one vent for each air space and you have some form of soffit intake. He is doing his siding also, and with his roof and soffit overhang design we may have to drill holes in the side of the vertical. HOWEVER, if there is no intake and we would have to start that process, he would require a Building Envelope consultant to draft a scope of work for us to follow. If it is only adding roof vents and not drilling holes in to his vertical outside wall then there is no need for a consultant. It could just be a leak too, but I doubt it. He may have shoveled a rip in the EPDM also, who knows. Also of note, with all his other remediation (mold, siding, etc) you never know what's been done. If it looks like we are going to be adding a number of vents, then we may not want to charge him for this service (assuming the leak isn't our fault) and just make it back up on the vent installs. If we are quoting vents etc, that quote would come from me based on our inspection. Thanks
Roof Report, March 20, 2012:
We arrived on site and met the owner, he said his wife noticed a leak in the bathroom ceiling fan late the week prior.  When we inspected the area suspected, we found 5” to 6” of ice around the protrusion (bathroom ceiling fan) and along the entire parapet wall. As to not do further damage to the EPDM membrane by removing the ice, we decided not to shovel away the ice and snow.  However we tried lifting the edges of the ice to remove what we could. This did not make enough difference to do a repair if needed. While doing this, we did notice that we could lift the cap off the bathroom fan vent. After doing this we noticed water pooled on the membrane over the insulation. We removed the wet insulation and packed it with dry insulation that the client had on hand, nailed and caulked the membrane in to place, and caulked the inside as well as the outside of the cap itself. We also caulked the neighbouring cap even though there was no suspected leak from it. The customer did mention during conversation that we are supposed to conduct a moisture test some time this summer.
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(this client needed a final repair done two years after the warranty service). This roof is in good shape. Seam tape and seam sealants are in place on all laps and detail. However the roof is missing parapet metal caps. Some of the membrane is temporary held down by clamps but can still allow water to enter the system. One of the seven scuppers has a patch that is fish mouthing which is enabling leaks. All other scuppers were sealed. The leak in question above the bathroom was a rip in the membrane beside the plumbing stack. Reason for the rip looks like an ice pick may have penetrated membrane. Membrane ripped below window metal flashing in corner joining into parapet.
 Roof Report, March 16, 2014:
  • Repaired 1 rip beside plumbing stack.
  • Repaired 1 patch fishmouthing beside scupper.
  • Repaired one rip on wall under a window joining to parapets.
  • All repairs were achieved using weathered membrane cleaner to remove dirt and dust etc.
  • Primer/ep95/ patch installed then sealed with EPDM seam sealant.
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