Residential Shake to Shingle Re-Roofing Fort Saskatchewan, AB – May to June 2014

Shake to Shingle Re-Roofing Fort Saskatchewan. Below you will find a quotation, field report, and photos for a residential re-roofing. The client needed a sloped roof replacement with respect to their shingles. Quotation, May 6 2014:
  • Sloped roof replacement (remove cedar shakes and replace with shingles)
    • Shingle options:
      • Architectural
      • Luxury slate/shake
      • Metal, rubber, shake, tile
    • Attic ventilation and assessment; vent correction as required
    • High profile shingle cap
    • Ice & Water protection: eaves, valleys, neck tie roof openings (vents, plumbing, skylights, etc.)
    • Complete wrap of roof underlayment
    • Storm nailing and installation
    • Caulking under vents, exposed nails, valleys, etc.
    • Replacement of rotted roof sheathing up to 100 sq. ft.
Work Order, June 4 2014:
  • Scope: Re-roof house, attached garage, and small rear shed
  • Field Shingles - 33 Sq of Malarkey Legacy Antique Brown Shingles (129 Bundle at 4 bundle sq)
  • Cap Shingles - 100 lineal ft of  Malarkey product number 224 - EZ Ridge 10" to be set up over the ridge vent strips at ridge of roof
  • Starter Shingles - 300 lineal feet of starter (whichever is recommended with Malarkey Legacy Shingles)
  • Eave drip edge - 140 lineal feet of color drip edge metal to be installed at eave of roof roof sheathing
  • Ridge Vent - 60 lineal feet of Lo-Omni Ridge vent is 9" wide for install under the Malarkey EZ Ridge 10" shingle
  • Plumbing Boots - 3 neoprene or plastic
  • Goose Necks - 2 colored goose-necks with-out baffle (screen only)
  • Valley Metal - 100 lineal feet of coloured valley metal for open metal roof valleys
  • Underlay -  31 square of synthetic breathable underlay choice GAF-Elk Deck Armour
  • Ice and Water - 240 lineal feet of 44" ice and water
  • Inspection of attic space - check intake air at soffits to ensure insulation is not covering intake air that cools the attic.
  • Check exhaust venting at ridge to check if it is clear and calculate proper exhaust required for attic size - approximately 1 sq foot of exhaust venting is required for every 100 - 300 sq ft of roof attic space to properly ventilate the attic.
  • Check insulation for moisture damage. Damaged insulation will not work anymore (it will have no R Value) and must be removed.
  • Inspect sheathing for water damage.
  • Flashing all along the eaves-trough.
  • Rake-flashing along all rakes/gables.
  • Ice & Water along all eaves, valleys, flashing edges after sheet metal installation, back pans, and penetrations. Ice and water membrane is used to keep freeze thaw ice in the gutters from wicking back up and under shingles and warming at the sheathing and creating a roof leak in to the home.
  • Replace all vents and bathroom exhausts, with optional ridge venting included.
  • Supply and install metal back-pan for chimney.
  • Replace all goose-neck vents.
  • Replace all vents and exhausts with rubber-sealed screws instead of shingle nails at exposed areas (regular shingle nails can work back out of sheathing over time and can leak because the nails are exposed and caulking them will over time fade).
  • Storm-nail all shingles. Storm nailing shingles requires six nails vs. four nails in to each shingle.
  • Re-caulk storm collars and rain-caps with polybitumen or high grade polymer caulking (tar caulking will crack). Using a high quality UV resistant caulking in roofing is important.
  • Clean all gutters and downspouts.
  • Dispose of all materials, and full cleanup with magnetic roller so that no roofing nails are left in grass to hurt household pets or children playing.
image (1) image   The work order was approved, and we proceeded to drop off materials at the site on June 16 2014. Weather conditions were not very favourable for the next few days. Field Report, June 20 2014: We arrived on site to be met with tearing cedar shake. There were thousands of nails to remove, which took hours. It began raining today as well. Hopefully there will be more luck with the weather soon. IMG_20140620_083149 IMG_20140620_083153 IMG_20140620_083159 IMG_20140620_083201 IMG_20140620_083224 IMG_20140620_153707 IMG_20140620_153710   < TO BE CONTINUED > Code: 43 Contact Us Call our 24 hour emergency roof repair at 1.780.424.7663. Mail to: 3428 99 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6E-5X5. We service all of Alberta including Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Nisku, Beaumont, Lac La Biche, Grande Prairie, High Level, Westlock, Slave Lake, Edson, Drayton Valley, Devon, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Tofield, Lamont, Morinville, Vegreville, Tofield, Millet, Calmar, Evansburg, Redwater, Onaway, Viking, Athabasca, High Prairie, Valleyview, Fairview, Peace River, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe and many more rural areas and towns.

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