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Nisku Metal Roof Liquid Rubber Coating, June 5 2015

Article: Metal Roof Coating. Teal Colored Liquid Rubber to Metal Roof in Nisku Alberta. Industrial Ribbed Panel.

Metal Roof Coatings. Considerations When Choosing Metal Roof Repair, Refurbishment and Maintenance. Metal roof systems don't last forever and will eventually require repair, maintenance, replacement or refurbishment of some kind. In central and northern Alberta metal roof systems experience significant expansion and contraction of panels. This expansion causes the fastener holes to become larger, causes fasteners to loosen, panels will come apart and the rooftop vents and other penetration areas are prone to leakage. Also, snow and ice can build-up at the eaves-trough and back up under the panels causing leaks. One method to repair or refurbish a metal roof is a metal roof coating. In this example our customer was experiencing various intermittent leaks. The leaks were primarily in the winter and spring - ice damming and snow melt were causing leaks. The challenges and considerations when coming to the right solution for our client were:
  1. The allowable budget did not allow for a complete metal roof replacement.
  2. Recovery systems such as putting another metal roof over-top or a membrane such as EPDM, TPO or PVC. All scenarios has disadvantages due to weight, cost, and street view.
  3. Spray foam (spf) was considered but the main motivating factor was waterproofing the roof and not R value. Spray foam shouldn't be considered unless R value is a significant reason to consider it.
  4. The client did not want to risk spot repairs and the aggravation with possibly having to do spot repairs year after year.
  5. Standard metal roof coatings in the market were considered, but conventional roof coatings do not last very long in extreme climates like central and northern Alberta.
  6. Liquid rubber was highly considered because of its success in cold climates, but the challenge was that that it comes in black and this particular roof wasn't a low slope industrial roof that you do not see from the street. It is a sloped industrial roof that is part of the street view facade.
  7. The customer chose liquid rubber with an acrylic color coating over the black liquid rubber knowing that at some point the acrylic coating would need to be re-painted on as acrylic will eventually start to peel and crack. This option solved the problem of street view appearance and also waterproofing the metal roof.
August 22, 2014: Journeyman Arrives On-Site for Metal Roof Leak Inspection and Assessment. 
We arrived on site and spoke with the maintenance manager. He showed us two leaks on west side of the building. When I attended to the roof and inspected the panels, fasteners and flashing I did not observe any obvious sign of the leaks. It was determined that due to when the leaks occur (winter and spring with ice damming and snow melt) that a roof coating would be best. Our customer does not want spot repairs and wants the problem solved for some time.
Metal Roof With Leaks
Metal Roof With Leaks. Ribbed panels. Exposed fasteners.
Metal Roof
Metal Roof canopy or skirt area.
Leak From Inside
Leaks inside building showing up as brown spots on ceiling tiles.
Building With Leak
Building in Nisku with metal roof leaks.
  October 15, 2014: Roofing Crew Arrives to Coat Metal Roof.
We arrived on site and conducted the morning safety meeting. The scope of work today was an acrylic roof coating color match and liquid rubber coating to base to complete lower roof. We couldn't roll the acrylic product on for some reason (it would change color in spots - we think due to specific blend), so we had to brush the whole roof. Brushing was the only way to get the acrylic to look good and consistent with the color that was already on there. Completed the whole roof and had it coated by the end of the day. The discoloring you see in the photos below are due to drying (curing) of acrylic coating. After about 30 mins the darker areas blended with the lighter areas.
Liquid Rubber Coating With Aycrilic
Liquid Rubber Coating With Acrylic Teal Color in Nisku, Alberta.
Liquid Rubber With Aycrilic
Liquid Rubber With Acrylic Top Coating. Discoloring corrected itself when complete roof dried and cured and coloring became consistent.
Liquid Rubber Coating
Liquid Rubber Acrylic Colored Coating.
Liquid Rubber
Liquid Rubber coating to metal panel roof with exposed fasteners.
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