Edmonton Industrial Liquid Rubber Roof Recovery, August 2014

This is the second part of a project for this industrial client in Edmonton. A full liquid rubber roof recovery was requested for this part of the project. The previous article detailing a downspout installation can be found here. Roof Report, August 22, 2014: We installed all of the units except for one and all of the penetrations are done on the shop roof (18 units and about 50 penetrations). All units were meshed and sealed with liquid rubber. Tomorrow we will get all the seams completed which is about 2100 ft. 20140822_104304_resized 20140822_104330_resized 20140822_104356_resized 20140822_110144_resized 20140822_110148_resized 20140822_145401_resized 20140822_145440_resized 20140822_150127_resized 20140822_152747_resized 20140822_161413_resized 20140822_161436_resized 20140822_161449_resized_1 20140822_161516_resized 20140822_161528_resized 20140822_165934_resized 20140822_165941_resized 20140822_170016_resized 20140822_170304_resized 20140823_115436_resized 20140823_133815_resized 20140823_170902_resized 20140823_170927_resized 20140823_170929_resized 20140823_170944_resized 20140823_171038_resized 20140823_171118_resized 20140823_171123_resized 20140823_171134_resized 20140823_171151_resized 20140823_171234_resized 20140823_171418_resized Roof Report, August 23, 2014: Today we got most of the seams done on the shop roof. There is only about 150 ft. left to do in the am and then we will be starting on the office roof. 20140824_131801_resized20140824_131840_resized 20140824_131942_resized 20140824_133535_resized 20140824_133812_resized 20140824_152736_resized 20140824_152745_resized 20140824_154539_resized 20140824_154550_resized 20140824_163509_resized 20140824_163518_resized 20140824_163539_resized 20140824_171236_resized 20140824_171243_resized 20140824_171258_resized 20140824_171308_resized 20140824_174155_resized 20140824_174202_resized 20140824_174231_resized 20140824_174240_resized 20140824_174313_resized 20140824_174335_resized Roof Report, August 24, 2014:
Today we finished the shop roof and started on the office roof by cleaning it with the pressure washer. We have started painting the ribs and have also started the unit install. About 30% of the prep is done (will be done tomorrow) and we should start rolling out our coating tomorrow as well. The site will be complete on Tuesday. Roof Report, August 25, 2014:
Today we finished all of the units and penetrations on the office roof. We also have half of the roof rolled in. We are on schedule for site completion tomorrow.
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 | Roof Report, August 26, 2014:
Today we were a man down but we managed to finish the shop roof completely. When the job was finished I did a site walk through with the customer and he was very happy with the work. Material Used:
  • 22 pails of liquid rubber.
  • 1 pail of trowel grade.
  • 3 rolls of 6 inch mesh.
  • 3 rolls of 4 inch seam tape.
  • 10 brushes.
  • 6 rollers.20140826_193413_resized20140826_193429_resized20140826_193503_resized20140826_193516_resized20140826_193555_resized20140826_193607_resized20140826_193659_resized
Service Follow-up, September 8, 2014: Our project manager sent the following email to the client as a follow-up:
Morning, With the moisture I thought I'd check in quick and see how the roof is performing and if there are any issues? Thanks
The client had no issues as the liquid rubber installation kept all moisture out of the roof and building. < End Report >
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