TPO Roof Repair in Fort Saskatchewan, June 6, 2015

Article: TPO Roof Repair. Flat Roof. Commercial Building. Hotel in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta.

TPO Roof Repair, maintenance, and considerations for type of membranes in cold climates. TPO Roofing or Thermal Plastic Olefin Roofing is a single ply roof system that is used extensively world-wide. In most instances TPO is installed as a white or cool-roof. It can be installed in one of three ways. 1. Fully Adhered, 2. Mechanically Fastened, and 3. Loose Laid Ballasted.  Single ply roof systems came along after tar and gravel and then torch-on SBS modified systems. It's primary advantage is that it is less costly for supply and install than torch-on and tar and gravel due to labor costs. Market acceptance in the USA (or in warm climates) is considerable and the product is effective in those climates. In colder climates, such as with most of Canada, TPO isn't installed as often as the USA and there are considerable studies that suggest that reflective roofing in Canada results in a negative net benefit and that reflective or cool roofing in Canada is prone to condensation issues. Visit these off-site publication links for more information about cool roofing membranes (reflective) in cold climates: 1. Calgary Says No to Cool Roofs. EPDM Roofing Association. 2. The High Cost of White Roofs in the North. Huffington Post. 3. Effects of Roof Color and Solar Reflectance on the Accumulation of Moisture in Roof Systems. Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

Repairing a TPO Roof (or any single-ply) Does Have Advantages Over Torch-On and Tar and Gravel.

One advantage that single ply roofing systems have (TPO, PVC and EPDM) is that they are usually quicker to inspect and easier and quicker to repair. As long as it isn't a ballasted single ply roof. If it's ballasted with rock then this becomes a negative and not an advantage because it takes more labour to remove the rock for inspection and repair. Single ply roofing such as TPO, PVC, and EPDM also do not need open flame work such as with torch on modified bitumen roofing. If you get a roofer to work on your 2 ply SBS modified bitumen roof BE SURE they are insured for open-flame work! Also to consider is that torch-on roofing typically requires a more experienced technician than does single-ply and as the years go on there are more and more single ply techs and less that can repair torch-on and tar and gravel. The issues or pro's and con's listed above are why we typically encourage customers that are looking at single ply to install EPDM in a cold climate and not TPO or PVC. The net benefit is a consideration but also is the cost of installation and the cost for repairs and maintenance over the years. October 30, 2014: Crew Arrives To Complete TPO Roof Repairs.  10120 86 Avenue Fort Saskatchewan.
They have a leak in the south-west corner of the hotel. The roof is TPO. When I got up on the roof I picked at all the laps in the area in where it was leaking and on the top side of the slope that would of run through the area and they were all good. I did find a couple breaches in the system. One I fixed with TPO cover strip and the other with water cut off. Personally, I think the leak is coming from the stucco to frame work - there are cracks and holes all through it. Also there is a electrical conduit that runs along the parapet walls which is mechanically fastened and the conduit is attached with 1 inch screws and are popping out - this should be fixed (re-installed correctly or patched correctly) to prevent any further breaches to the system.
TPO Flat Roof Repair
TPO Flat Roof Repair
TPO Roof
TPO Roof with conduit running along parapet wall.
TPO Leak Identified
TPO Roof Repair. Leak Identified.
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