Rooftop DecTec Installation, March 2014, Edmonton

This client's residence bears a flat roof with a leak in one corner of the tar and gravel system. Upon GRS' inspection, however, the client desired to explore options for a total roof replacement and its conversion into a rooftop deck. Continue reading Rooftop DecTec Installation, March 2014, Edmonton

Edmonton Commercial Roof Deck Installation, March 2014

This commercial client in Edmonton required a Dec-Tec roofing installation by the GRS crew. Several decks are being installed on this site. This report follows the deck installations, however additional roofing work was completed on this site at a later time. Additional reports will be made for the subsequent work. Note: This report is text based and does not contain progress photos.
Roof Report, March 23, 2014: This morning we removed the old deck down to the substrate and found some rotten plywood in the corners which we will have to replace with 1/2 plywood. The entire perimeter will also need to be replaced with 3/8 plywood as it was coated with asphalt which is not compatible with this system. I need to alter the ordered slope package to include a drain. I cut some wires while prepping the wall, so I am going to need some heavy rubber gloves, wire strippers and some heat shrink wrap. We removed the roof until 4 pm and download garbage until 7 pm. Materials Required:
  • 11 pieces of 8 ft. drip edge.
  • 5 pieces of  3/8 plywood.
  • 3 pieces of 1/2 plywood.
  • 10 short sawsall wood blades.
  • 1 roll of garbage bags.
  • 3 drains.
  • 3 scuppers.
  • An industrial heater (for dec patch and gluing).
  • Heavy rubber gloves.
  • Wire strippers.
  • Heat shrink wrap.
Roof Report, March 24, 2014: I got the crew going in the morning and then went to the landfill. Once I returned I started on repairing the wires that I cut the day before. I realized that there was a lot more damage to the wires and I had to go back to home depot for more supplies. Once I fixed the wires and the crew fixed the substrate we then had a hard time fitting in the drip edge behind the building membrane. An important note about the decks is that they will have to be insulated from underneath. Vapour barrier needs to placed on top of the ceiling drywall to ensure an energy efficient building. This should not be that much extra for them since the ceiling drywall is damaged in those areas. I am thinking I could use another crew member to assist with this site. We may also require an electrician to assist with the wiring.
Roof Report, March 26, 2014:
Once I got to site this morning I knew I had to fix the back slope of the substrate on the west side.  The electricians showed up at 10:15 am and fixed the wiring on the roof.  The power is working and their repair is to code. We finished the slope repair and then went to drop off the sliding door screen for repair, and pick up the slope package from Plastifab.  Unfortunately the package we picked up turned out to be the wrong size. I am going to get the guys to remove and download the floating deck until I come back with the right slope package.
Roof Report, March 28, 2014:
We completed the slope package and the install of 5/8 plywood. During the process I saw the need for light gauge 90 degree metal to minimize gaps around the perimeter. Short of the scupper which we should have by noon tomorrow, we are ready for the dec patch and heaters. Tomorrow we will start with relocating the scupper from the outside and if time and weather permits, tarp and start on the removal of the the next deck in the NW corner until the proper size scuppers arrive. We would have started on these items but high wind in the afternoon made our next set up too hazardous.

Roof Report, March 29, 2014:
We started the day with the repair of some installed screws and then sanded the laps in the 5/8 plywood dec-tec substrate. We also installed caulking and dec-tec kick under the patio door and window. At 12 pm we then started to tarp off the area around the next deck and began removal. This area has been damaged by water for some time and is full of mold.  We may have some framing issues as the original substrate has been water damaged as well. I strongly suggest that the drywall on the ceilings and walls under this deck be completely removed to check for water damage and mold. The proper installation of insulation and vapor barrier under the deck above the ceiling drywall is necessary as well. There is also the issue of the siding as it has been cut as high as 4 ft in some places. We need to consult the client about what they want done for this. It will look a little strange if I bring my membrane that high. We should find out if they want the same type of siding installed (which would require all of the siding to be redone), or if they would prefer a different type of siding.
Roof Report, April 15, 2014:
This morning we had to work on fixing an area that wrinkled while we were installing the dec-tec. Bringing up the membrane even 12 inches is making the install difficult. There is 15.5 inches of unfinished wall that will have to be completed when the other siding is installed.
Roof Report, April 16, 2014:
We continued with installing the second dec-tec today, short of a couple of pieces to finish. I had to put a patch over the scupper because of dripped glue. Tomorrow I will be finishing the seal on the second deck and down loading the tools from there. We should be done the second dec-tec installation by 10 or 11 am tomorrow morning, short of one lap that I need the 90 degree tool for. Then it will be ready for the Tyvek building paper and the scupper box install. All of the deck areas above the metal cap flashing need to be patched of holes that we put in to build the temporary roofs. This should take us a half a day and the repair of the back wall should take 2 days. I still need to take the trailer to the dump one last time, but I am waiting till the end of the job to do that. We have some matching downspout pipe and 90's for the drainage so there will be no extra cost to us moving the scupper from the original location. I have already bought the matching paint for the scupper boxes.
Roof Report, April 17, 2014:
Today we finished off the dec-tec and installed building wrap to the substrate walls to ensure no water gets into the system. Most of the upper area that is not covered by the membrane is 10 inches and the open area by the scupper is 15.5 inches.
The lowest part of the membrane is 12 inches off the field which is at the peak of the slope package. We worked on the membrane until 12:30 pm and then started to secure the roof and download the most important tools. I will drop off the mountain of receipts and paperwork some time this weekend. Depending on the weather when I go back to Edmonton, I may need to pick up some heaters again.

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Edmonton Residential EPDM Roof Replacement Part Two, March 2014

This article is a continuation of work done for the same client. The report follows service calls that occurred after the initial EPDM installation.
Inspection Report:
  • Water is ponding in the center of the roof.
  • The roof is not sloping towards the drain at all making it impossible to ever drain properly.
  • Multiple pin holes from screws popping out. This is a result of the weather changes from cold to warm and weak roof decking.
  • One lap approximately 25 ft. is fish mouthing because there was no seam tape and because of water ponding.
  • These problems will continue to happen unless remedied with a proper drain.
  • The current drain is blocked by 2 skylights and the slope is entirely incorrect.
Repair Report:
  • We observed every screw on the roof and carefully checked for any pin holes or rips.
  • We immediately tried to screw it down properly. Some were pulled out and rescrewed to sink in to prevent further punctures.
  • We cleaned the surface with membrane cleaner and scratched the surface to remove any dirt. We then applied a very thin coat of hp primer until it flashed. After it flashed we applied a thin coat of ep95 splicing cement. We then applied 4 inch round patches . There were a total of 19 of these punctures.
  • A 19 ft. lap was fish mouthing so we repeated the steps described above and applied a 6 inch by 19 ft. patch.
  • After all of the patches were done we applied EPDM lap sealant around each patch.
Photo journal of the repairs: 20140312_104139 20140312_104145 20140312_110057 20140312_110519 20140312_110912 20140312_110925 20140312_111026 20140312_111105 20140312_111152 20140312_111246 20140312_111925 20140312_161142 20140312_161304 20140312_161525 20140312_16181520140312_164334 20140312_164339 20140312_16434420140312_165133 20140312_171809 imagejpeg_2 The repairs had been completed but unfortunately the roof was still experiencing leaking water because of the slope and an unknown substrate. The following emails between the client and our project manager (italicized) show the discussions which took place in order to resolve the issue:
Good morning, I have had an opportunity to review in great detail the reports from our senior Red Seal Inter-provincial Journeyman who attended to your site most recently. When tasked with the question whether he was absolutely confident (with-out a doubt) that the roof would not fail in the future, his answer to me was that he did not know. Specifically because he was not there at installation time and more specifically because he did not know why the roof fasteners would be coming up (in other words, at issue post installation is that there have been some roof fasteners making their way up and that has caused issue to the membrane). When I pressed him further, it was in his opinion that there must be a reason for the fasteners lifting and with-out knowing the condition of or what the roof deck (substrate) was specifically made up of that it was impossible for him to guarantee me it wouldn't occur in future. As such, I am requesting your approval to completely remove the roof assembly and return a new roof assembly - one that our senior Red Seal Journeyman would attend to in person (the full installation process) and this would give me confidence in returning to you an absolute statement of assurance that there will be no further issue. In other words, if you give me clearance to re-do the roof assembly I will know exactly what the substrate is and that it is suitable or we will make it suitable and that it is done in such a way that I can confidently state that beyond a doubt we expect no future issue. This of course would be of no charge to yourself and would be scheduled to occur over the next 30 or so days (the weather isn't currently appropriate or predictable and I would need to mobilize senior staff etc). It would obviously inconvenience you but I believe it is the best course considering the fact that there have been some fasteners that have moved up and have penetrated the membrane causing issue and until we get down to the decking we just simply won't know why. If you could at your earliest convenience reply with your acceptance or questions I will then immediately start the process so that we can queue this work up in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience and ongoing consideration!
Thanks for the email.
I want to make sure I understand what you are planning to do.  Do you mean that the fix is to remove the roof membrane then to reapply it once it is clear why the nails are coming up and after whatever the problem is, is fixed?  If that is what is needed to ensure a roof with no problems then, of course, I am prepared to agree.  Can you also tell me the following:
1.  How long would the process take in terms of days?
2.  Will there be a situation when we are vulnerable to leakage and, if so, how long would we be vulnerable and what steps can be taken to lessen the risk?
3.  Would you require access to the inside of the house at any time?
4.  Would we be able to talk to the Red Seal journeyman before the operation begins in order to understand exactly what will occur?
5.  Since the roof membrane has to come off, in any event, could we do what I had originally asked and have a second way for water to get off the roof?  You may recall that I had asked (not you but the foreman who came out to do this) during the pre-job inspection when we were on the roof,  to have a 'spillway' built into the south east corner of the roof so that not all of the water had to go through the one, often inadequate, drain.  This somehow got lost in translation and did not occur and I did not press it since it would have required the roof membrane to come off and a re-sloping to allow water to flow into that area as well as down the pipe.
Thanks for your professionalism throughout.  I have been impressed that you have stood behind your work and been ready to solve problems.
Hi, Yes, we would remove, assess, solve, re-specify things like alternate drainage, brief you, re-apply membrane or anything else required. 1. The process would be between 3 - 6 days depending on what we find. 2. We would only schedule the work when the forecast is clear for the days scheduled and worst scenario we do have emergency tarping procedures, but the idea is to pick the forecast correctly. 3. We would not require the inside, it may be preferable at any unforeseen juncture, but not ever required. 4. Yes, we would have our journeyman brief you in detail in advance. 5. Yes, we can ask the journeyman to spec his work for alternate drainage to which you would be involved in the decision making process based on his recommendations in advance. Any other questions please let me know. Thanks again.
Excellent.  Sounds like a plan.  Please book us in to get this work done.
Thanks again.
Roof Replacement Begins: The crew arrived and removed all of the metal from the perimeter of the roof, as well as all skylights and the chimney. The entire roof was then prepped for rubber install to be done when the material arrives.
20140913_082955_resized 20140913_083142_resized 20140913_130644_resized 20140913_130648_resized 20140913_130652_resized 20140913_130656_resized 20140913_130708_resized 20140913_130718_resized 20140913_131128_resized  
Rubber installation begins: 20140915_191241_resized 20140915_191248_resized 20140915_191301_resized 20140915_191311_resized 20140915_191355_resized 20140915_191411_resized 20140915_191428_resized 20140915_191433_resized 20140916_102916_resized 20140916_102926_resized
Upon returning to the site the crew finished laying all of the rubber and installed the skylights, drain, scuppers, and chimney. The metal was also put back on around the perimeter. The work took a little longer than expected but the client was extremely satisfied with the job. She also informed us that she does not believe the leak was the fault of GRS, but rather was from an existing shingle problem area around the skylights.
20140916_195642_resized 20140916_195648_resized 20140916_195704_resized 20140916_195717_resized 20140916_195759_resized 20140916_195846_resized 20140917_182531_resized 20140917_182537_resized 20140917_182545_resized 20140917_182558_resized 20140917_182606_resized 20140917_182618_resized 20140917_182631_resized 20140917_182637_resized 20140917_182644_resized 20140917_182707_resized 20140917_182711_resized 20140917_182722_resized 20140917_182741_resized 20140917_182754_resized 20140917_182808_resized 20140917_183637_resized 20140917_183647_resized 20140917_183703_resized 20140917_183716_resized
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Edmonton Commercial Roof Downspout Install, March 2014

This client required a downspout replacement and extension in addition to a scupper installation. The report follows the work completed by the GRS crew and includes photos of the site. Roof Report, March 29, 2014:
Today we scoped out the job site with the client. The scope of work will be to install a scupper, replace and extend the downspout, and to top up the pea gravel on several areas of the roof.
Materials Needed:
  • (1) 6x6 scupper.
  • (10) 100' dark brown downspout.
  • 1 box of screws self tap.
  • 1 pail - sopramastic gum/tar.
  • 1 roll - reinforced mesh (jewt).
  • (2)  5 gallon pails of pea gravel.
Roof Report, April 24, 2014: Today we fixed the down pipe and installed an elbow. When I went to install the scupper box I called our project coordinator and he said it had to be a torch-on tie in. The roof was still wet from the previous rain so we are going to leave this until the roof has dried. I notified the customer of the schedule change due to water on the roof and she was okay with it. 11 image Roof Report, May 8, 2014: We installed one scupper with a torch-on tie on to the BUR roof, and I also had to modify the metal where the scupper was placed. There was an uneven balance to the roof so we put more rock on the places where it was needed. When finished with the scupper I had to fix the down pipe that was connected to it and where the down pipe hits the ground. This site is now complete. 0 1   4 5 6  8 9 < End Report > CODE: 13104 Contact Us Call our 24 hour emergency roofing repair at 1.780.424.7663. Mail to: 3428 99 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6E-5X5. We service all of Alberta including Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Nisku, Beaumont, Lac La Biche, Grande Prairie, High Level, Westlock, Slave Lake, Edson, Drayton Valley, Devon, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Tofield, Lamont, Morinville, Vegreville, Tofield, Millet, Calmar, Evansburg, Redwater, Onaway, Viking, Athabasca, High Prairie, Valleyview, Fairview, Peace River, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe and many more rural areas and towns.